Industrial visits are included in the 71st World Foundry Congress programme and will offer participants an excellent opportunity to have direct contact with the country’s foundry and metal mechanic industry.

Several itineraries have been organized to incorporate a wide range of facilities that will cover different material and working processes such as cast iron, steel and aluminum foundries and investment casting companies.

Research centres and universities are also included in the programme.

  • Ductile Iron Foundries (Serial Production)         
  • Ductile Iron Foundries (Big Size Castings)          
  • Steel Foundries     
  • Aluminium Foundries
  • Technological Centres         
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Coque Manufacturing

There will be available detailed information shortly regarding the itineraries and companies who will be part of the industrial visit offer (please click on each link to read more about the visits): 

Tour 1
Fuchosa S.L. - Iron Foundry 
Automotive Intelligence Center - Automotive Center

Tour 2
Fagor Ederlan Group
Edertek- Technology Center
Markulete Foundry - Iron Foundry
Markulete Machining - Iron Foundry

Tour 3
Betsaide S.A.L. - Iron Foundry
Garbi, S.A. - Iron Foundry

Tour 4
Loramendi S. Coop. - Equipment Manufacturers
Aurrenak S. Coop. - Equipment Manufacturers

Tour 5
Industrial Química del Nalón, S.A. - Coque Manufacturing

Tour 6
IK4-Azterlan - Technology Centre
Tecnalia - Technology Centre

Tour 7
Gerdau Reinosa - Steel Foundry

Tour 8

Mirandaola Forge - Iron Valley
Alfa Arte - Lost-Wax Foundry

Tour 9
Gabi, S.A. - Aluminium Die-Casting