The Congress attendees will have the possibility of visiting the city of Bilbao free of charge using the City Tour service on 18th May. Prospective participants will be able to sign up during the Congress registration process or by sending an email to the Technical Secretariat of the event: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The City Tour services available are the following:

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The Gala Dinner of the 71st World Foundry Congress will take place on 19th May in the Alhóndiga Bilbao.

The Alhóndiga Bilbao was originally built as a wine cellar. Nowadays it is a leisure and cultural centre.
The construction process began in 1905 and concluded in 1909 under the guide of the Basque architect Ricardo Bastida. The new building was seen as a new structural concept due to its location, in the new emerging area of the city, which occupies a whole street of the city’s Ensanche.

During its construction new innovative ideas were used in terms of structure, and the Alhóndiga became one of the first examples of public architecture which features reinforced concrete.

After a long period of closure and different projects, in May 2001 the renovation works began under the supervision of Philippe Starck. The Alhóndiga was transformed into a cultural and leisure centre with an area of 43,000 sqm whose interior includes three brick-covered cubes suspended over 43 different columns. From the old wine cellar, the architect left the façade and the midsection that supports it.

The venue consists of a cinema multiplex with 8 screens, auditorium, library, exhibition rooms, a fitness centre, a swimming pool, shops, restaurants and car park.

20:15 | Reception. Welcome Cocktail
21:00 | Dinner


The Guggenheim Museum will host the traditional Foundrymen’s Night on 20th May.
Among the activities organised, highlights include the visit to the galleries and cocktail dinner in the museum.

This magnificent piece of art from Frank O. Gehry is a clear example of the most avant-garde architecture of the 20th century. Since its opening in 1997, it has attracted visitors from around the world and become an icon of the city.

21:00 | Reception. Galleries visit.
22:00 | Cocktail